Sci-Fi Fantasy Garden Ideas: Plants of the Centauri Homeworld

Centauri_Prime EcosystemCentauri Prime Ecosystem: A temperate world with a oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere similar to Earth. Vast oceans separate a handful of large landmasses. The weather seems comparable to Earth as well, with seasonal changes, including snow over the capital city in winter. (1)

Exotic Gardens:The Royal Palace forms the seat and primary residence of the Emperor of the Centauri Republic and the Centauri Royal Court. Lavish in true Centauri style, with hundreds of rooms, gardens, courtyards, living quarters, and dungeons. (1)

Plants of Centauri Prime:

  • Foolash: An edible plant, roughly similar to Earth spinach, which may survive over winter in temperate regions. Also used in Pinaldi, a savoury pastry dish filled with a variety of cheeses, foolash and irradiated watsuls. It was known to have been a particular favourite of Emperor Turhan. (1) During the War of 20 Million Deaths, wine fortified with Foolash juice was given to Xon soldiers weakened by hemorrhage.
  • Rikling: An edible plant, roughly similar to Earth asparagus.(1) There is a recipe for cooking Rikling in the oldest surviving Centauri book of recipes. It was cultivated historically by both Centauri and Xon, who ate it fresh when in season and dried the vegetable for use in winter.
  • Watsul: A plant that bares a fruit similar to Earth tomatoes. (1)

  • Doola: A plant that produces a nut with a similar taste to Earth walnuts. Used in making snicks.
  • Flibie:A plant that produces a nut with a similar taste to Earth pecan nuts. Used in making snicks (Snicks: a sweet snack made from Centauri tree nuts stirred together with Klaga (similar to Earth cinnamon), Tawloo milk, and a sweet powder to form a crispy sweet coating. Also a great topping for a Foolash salad.

  • Ruti pod: A vegetable-like plant similar to an Earth potato. Centauri grown ruti pods are noted for their distinctive crimson coloring.

(1) The Babylon 5 Wikki
Cafe of the Universe
All else is wild speculation based on knowledge of Earth flora.

Stewart Butterfield
Esteban Cavrico


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