Sci-Fi Fantasy Gardens: Babylon 5, Flora of the Minbari Homeworld

Sci Fi Worlds - Minbari Homeworld, Minbar

Minbari Homeworld, Minbar

Minbar Planetary System: Located in the Chi Draconis — a binary star system in Sector 120, Minbar is the seventh planet in it’s system and is just over 25 light years from Earth.

Like Earth, Minbar has an oxygen/nitrogen heavy atmosphere that produces a blue sky. Nearly one quarter of the planet is covered by the northern ice cap and as a result the overall climate is markedly colder than that of Earth.

Babylon 5 minbari homeworld crystal

The Anla'shok temple in Yedor.

Minbar is noted for it’s vast crystalline deposits with many of it’s cities carved directly from the crystalline. The planet is orbited by two moons, has an orbital period of 1.5 Earth years, and a rotational period of 20 hours and 47 minutes.[2]

Minbar Holy Site: Tchok’an Mountains A crystalline mountain range just outside of the city of Yedor and the location of the palace of the Chosen One.

Water taken from wells bored deep beneath Tchok’an is used to sanctify newly sprouting crops in the ‘Renewal of Life’ ceremony.

“I don’t want to go to Minbar.””Oh, of course you want to go to Minbar. Everyone wants to go to Minbar! It is the vacation spot of the season…assuming you’re part of the “long robes and head bone” set.”

– Londo Mollari to Vir Cotto, 2260

Minbar Plant Life

Beeba oil of the Minbari homeworld

Beeba oil of the Minbari homeworld, Minbar

  • Beeba: A plant that produces an organic oil. Broadly comparable to Earth olive oil with an equally similar culinary use.[6]
  • Chudomo seeds: A bean-like seed pod akin to Earth haricots vert.[6]
  • Gal’sha: A plant who’s hard oily seeds are similar to Earth hazelnuts.[6]
minbar glomo flowers

Glomo flowers of Minbar

  • Glomo: A plant who’s fruit can be compared to an Earth courgette.[6]
  • Hylax: A plant who’s seeds are similar to Earth red potatoes.[6]
  • Jenn: A plant with a bulb-like structure with a distinctive taste and consistency very much like Earth garlic.[6]
  • Pil’sha: A type of herb with similar properties to Earth parsley.[6]
  • Qual: A type of fruit that comes in several varieties such as qual’fha and qual’nha, which are themselves similar to Earth red and green peppers, respectively.[6]
  • Rylla: A plant who’s shelled seed pods are similar to Earth peas.[6]
babylon 5 Ranger Marcus Cole, Human
I am a Ranger.We walk in the dark places
no others will enter.

We stand on the bridge,
and no one may pass.

We live for the One,
we die for the One

– Anla’Shok credo

  • Se n’kai: A fruit baring tree that while fairly prevalent in the time of Valen, have since become much more scarce. Se n’kai fruit plays an integral role in the installation ceremony of a newAnla’shok Entil’Zha.[1]
  • Slenn: A type of herb with similar properties to Earth thyme.[6]
  • Tyr: A plant who’s summer fruit can be compared to an Earth squash.[6]
  • Valen’s herb: A type of herb with similar properties to Earth basil.[6]
  • Valeria fruit: A type of fruit that cam be compared to an Earth plum tomato.[6]
  • Wysa: A plant that bares a nut akin to Earth almonds.[6]
  • Xenn: A citrus fruit with a bitter, lemon-like flavour.[6]
  • Yedor root: A taproot type plant who’s taste and texture can be compared to Earth carrots.[6]
Minbari Zassa plant

Minbari Zassa plant, possibly used in the Rebirth Ceremony, or Nafak’cha

  • Yla: A leafy vegetable who’s leaves are the primary ingredient in yla leaf cake.[6]
  • Zassa: A plant who’s very spicy pepper-like fruit is on par with Earth jalapeño chilli.[6]
  • Zerka: A small, rare ceremonial plant that is spun into thread used only on very special garments.[13]

Minbari Plant Usage Notes:

  • “Death Destroyer” Sha’neyat: A potent liquid, of great symbolic significance, to be used only in certain religious ceremonies. A potent liquid, of great symbolic significance to the Minbari. The word “Sha ‘neyat” looselytranslates into English as “death destroyer”.[1]It is made by distilling a combination of flowers, fruits, and grains, and is used only in certain specific religious ceremonies which under normal circumstances only Minbari are permitted to partake in.

    One such ceremony to install the Entil’Zha of the Anla’Shok. This presented a problem when it came time to install Jeffrey Sinclair as the Rangers’ new leader and the Anla’Shok doctors discovered that sha’neyat is a deadly poison to Humans.

    Despite this, Satai Neroon vehemently insisted over Satai Rathenn‘s protests that if the ceremony was to be carried out at all, it must be strictly according to tradition. This  included consuming sha’neyat.

    Sinclair eventually agreed to consume a mere sip instead of a full cup, as its relevance to the ceremony was that he “taste of it”. However, even after being administered an antidote, this small amount was sufficient to inflict grave illness on Sinclair. He lay bedridden with fever for the following three days and nights.

  • Glivinn: A traditional dinner of the Third Fane of Chudomo that may only be prepared and eaten on Valen’s Day. It includes glomo fruit, summer tyr,qual’fha, two yla leaf cakes. fresh baby yla leaves and a soft cheese and herb spread with a dressing of sweet temple oil, chopped jenn bulbs, Owala paste, shredded Valen’s herb and fresh choppedpil’sha.[23]
  • Klenn-Sha: A Worker Caste dinner made from spicy taalor tubes a type of dried pasta, beeba oil,jenn bulbs, Valeria fruit and a mixture of salt, herbs, spices, nuts, whipped cream and hard grated cheese. Klenn-Sha is traditionally eaten on every third day during the autumn season, alternating with Klenn-Fha and Klenn-Jha and is often followed by a dessert of Yun-Yun.[23]
  • Yl’fost: A sweet crystalline organic compound, equivalent to Earth sugar.[23]
  • Yla leaf cake: A crispy flat cake made from Ylaleaves that is broadly similar to an Earth tortilla.[23]
  • Yun-Yun: A fattening dessert made fromtemshwee eggs, Yl’fost, wysa nuts and a variety of fruit, dairy and chocolate-like ingredients. Yun-Yun is typically enjoyed by members of the Worker Caste after dinner, though some workers who are not quite as disciplined as the Religious Caste have been known to consume yun-yun asdinner.[23]
  • The Rebirth Ceremony, or Nafak’cha is another Minbari ritual that is at its core meant to commemorate a great change that is coming or that has already come. It can also sometimes double as a marriage ceremony.[1]The Minbari Rebirth Ceremony, called the Nafak’Cha, also doubles as a marriage ceremony. It is used to commemorate a great change that is coming or is already here. Participants are to contemplate what has gone before, what is, and what is ahead of them.

    As with many Minbari ceremonies, the Nafak’Cha must be completed before a certain amount of time has passed since preparation were begun. The most important part of the ceremony comes when each participant must tell another a secret that has never been told to anyone else and give away something that is of great value to him.

    The closing ceremony is a dramatic recreation of the forming of the Grey Council, one of the most significant changes in Minbari history. There are nine Minbari participants who stand around a triangular table and one leader. The instruments on the table are also triangular. All Minbari wear white cloaks.

    “Will you follow me into fire?
    Into storm?
    Into darkness?
    Into death?”

    And the nine said, “Yes.”

    “Then do this in testimony to the one who will follow.
    Who will bring death couched in the promise of new life, and renewal disguised as defeat.”

    A red fruit is then shared from a triangular crystal basket

    “From birth, through death and renewal.
    You must put aside old things, old fears, old lives.
    This is your death.
    The death of flesh, the death of pain.
    The death of yesterday.
    Taste of it and be not afraid.
    For I am with you to the end of time.
    Taste of it.
    And so, it begins.”

Glomo Flowers
ReneS Photography
Bill Gracey photograhy

Babylon 5 Wikki
Minbari Frost Jedi
Babylon 5 ABCs


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