Amazing People, Amazing Plants: Mist on the Leaves

Cliff Diving. Cliff Garden. (Do something awesome today.)
Cliff DiverCliff Garden
You are a mist that appears
for a little while and then vanishes.
James 4:14

AMAZING PEOPLE: At the West End of Negril, Jamaica, a popular “sport” is cliff diving. The spot this guy was diving into only had a 2 meter wide opening between the rocks in the water where he could safely land. (sollerphoto)

AMAZING PLANTS: This was a garden directly across from one of the many amazing Meteora monasteries. The only way to get to this garden is by way of an old, rickety, wood ladder. This is my idea of a good retirement project.(wilholm)

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[cliff diving world series] Boston cliff-diving world series photos. Yes, there is a cliff diving world series. Yes, people dive off buildings in Boston. These guys amaze me…Read More

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garden Gardening on the edge. Garden Landscape Sloped Planting Group: rock gardens, wall gardens, terraces, and more… See More

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Loves sharing a cup of tea with a friend, walking in the woods, climbing rocks, hugging trees, and devouring delicious books.
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