Science Fiction: Short, Free and Green

Short Story: Fingers Itchy & Green

redbud tree: A meteor shower bloomed over the earth, and the flowers followed in spring. We never dreamed those small seeds could cause so much chaos… (read on)

“…like the branches of a tree decorating my skin. It’s like some crazy, fantastic tattoo; or it would be if it wasn’t killing me slowly.”

“Even if it’s not of this Earth, that little plant is her defense. Mother Nature finds a way you see.”

“I should have left it alone. But you know what it’s like. You just can’t help picking at these things.”

Short Story: Talkative Tree

Talkative Tree: When our ship crash-landed, no one expected to find other survivors on this planet. We certainly didn’t recognize their faces… (read on)

“Doggone vine!” commented the windy whisper. “He ain’t one of my crowd.


I always figured bein’ a tree was a nice, peaceful life; and when I remembered how long some of them live, that settled it.

“Don’t drop diamonds to grab at stars!”

Tree tattoo by: Mez Love

Tree face by:recoverling


About Jessica Fontaine Jones

Loves sharing a cup of tea with a friend, walking in the woods, climbing rocks, hugging trees, and devouring delicious books.
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