Wil Wheaton: Horror Short Story – The Monster in My Closet

Something scary, just in time for Halloween.

Wil Wheaton - Flash Fiction - Monster in My Closet: Wil Wheaton writes a Goosebumps story with a wicked twist.

: My parents never took the monsters in my closet seriously.
Or so I thought before my father opened the door… (read on)

Wil Wheaton Flash Fiction - The Monster in My Closet“Come on, kid, I won’t hurt ya, I just want to get out of here.

“Open the door and I’ll be on my way…”

“It’s like when it’s cloudy, and you can’t see the moon.

But it sort of glows behind the clouds, so you know it’s there.”

“And if it comes out,” I said, carefully, “It’s going to kill us.”

“Well, I should expect so,” dad said. “Monsters are usually very serious about that sort of thing.”

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