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Loves sharing a cup of tea with a friend, walking in the woods, climbing rocks, hugging trees, and devouring delicious books.

Wil Wheaton: Horror Short Story – The Monster in My Closet

Something scary, just in time for Halloween. : Wil Wheaton writes a Goosebumps story with a wicked twist. : My parents never took the monsters in my closet seriously. Or so I thought before my father opened the door… (read … Continue reading

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Science Fiction: Short, Free and Green

Short Story: Fingers Itchy & Green : A meteor shower bloomed over the earth, and the flowers followed in spring. We never dreamed those small seeds could cause so much chaos… (read on) “…like the branches of a tree decorating … Continue reading

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Amazing People, Amazing Plants: Mist on the Leaves

Cliff Diving. Cliff Garden. (Do something awesome today.) You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. – James 4:14 AMAZING PEOPLE: At the West End of Negril, Jamaica, a popular “sport” is cliff diving. The … Continue reading

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Planting the Succulents (via For The Love Of Skinny)

Milk Glass + Succulents = AWESOME CENTERPIECES. Over the last year my mom and I collected about 35 pieces of milk glass. Most of them came from thrift stores or garage sales, and a few people owned and gave to … Continue reading

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Garden Visit: Japanese Poetry Garden: Rikugien Garden

Rikugien Garden (六義園 Rikugien) is a Tokyo metropolitan park in Bunkyō-ku. The name Rikugi comes from the idea of the six elements in waka poetry (en means garden or park). Strolling garden, as well as a mountain and pond-style garden, … Continue reading

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Sci-Fi Fantasy Gardens: Babylon 5, Flora of the Minbari Homeworld

Minbar Planetary System: Located in the Chi Draconis — a binary star system in Sector 120, Minbar is the seventh planet in it’s system and is just over 25 light years from Earth. Like Earth, Minbar has an oxygen/nitrogen heavy atmosphere that produces a blue … Continue reading

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Sci-Fi Fantasy Gardens: Babylon 5 Gardens (Red Sector)

Babylon 5 > Red Sector > The Gardens: The Gardens in Red Sector feature over 150 different kinds of plant life from several planets. “Babylon 5 is a space station in neutral space more or less central to all five … Continue reading

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