Fantasy Garden Design Ideas & Inspiration: Singapore Garden Festival Award Winners

Singapore Garden Festival (SGF) is the only show in the world to gather the world’s top award-winning garden and floral designers under one roof. It showcases the talents of the world’s gardening luminaries. This “must-see” event in the international horticultural calendar will dazzle with its wide array of displays, events and activities.

Inspired garden & floral designers from 17 countries transformed Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre into a veritable feast for the eyes. The Festival is the only garden show in the world to bring together award-winning gardening luminaries from all around the globe under one roof.

The third presentation of the Singapore Garden Festival came to a successful close on 22 July after an eight-day run. The show played host to over 300,000 visitors, charming them with dazzling show garden and floral displays.

Singapore Garden Festival Highlights

Orchid GardenLandscape Gardens

Floral Garden

Dr Wong Wei Har, Director of Singapore Garden Festival, said: “The Singapore Garden
Festival has become one of the must-see events in Singapore’s calendar of activities
since the inaugural show in 2006 . We are confident that this year’s Festival will continue
to wow the public with its dazzling garden designs.”

“The Festival is also a great platform for us to showcase to visitors Singapore’s horticultural excellence and to bring the joy of gardening closer to everyone.
award-winning floral garden arrangement
Be enchanted by the exquisite garden and floral displays. Experience the magic and wonder of the world of garden and floral design. And delight in the festivities and programmes designed to enthrall your senses.

Dr Wong said: “Every one of us has a critical role to play in the greening of Singapore
and the preservation of the earth that we reside in. The Man Who Planted Trees
celebrates the International Year of Biodiversity 2010, and pays tribute to all the local
heroes who have contributed significantly to the greening of Singapore.”
fantasy garden design ideas

Taking centerstage during the eight-day Festival will be the giant centerpiece inspired by the French eco-fable, The Man Who Planted Trees, written by award-winning French author Jean Giono in 1953. This charming fictional tale has inspired generations of environmentalists as well as reforestation efforts worldwide.
landscape garden design inspiration
Hundreds of Singaporeans and residents from schools, community groups, corporations gathered at the Singapore Botanic Gardens today to kick start the planting of seedlings into The Man Who Planted Trees. They were accompanied by two participating SGF designers – Jim Fogarty, a multi-award winner at both the previous Singapore Garden Festivals as well as Dr Claire Whitehouse who has designed and staged 15 medal-winning Show Gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show. Seedlings planted today will grow over the next three months and shape the look of The Man Who Planted Trees.
award winning fantasy garden
In the timeless tale, The Man Who Planted Trees, a shepherd set out to reforest the ruined eco-system of a desolate and abandoned valley in the foothills of the Alps, near Provence in France. Painstakingly and patiently over a span of more than 40 years in the first half of the 20th century, he cultivated an entire forest, and transformed the valley into a Garden of Eden with a vibrant lush eco-system. Lured by the beauty of the forested valley, more than 10,000 residents settled in the thriving community there.
Colorful flower garden inspiration
The story underscores our duty as stewards of the environment that we reside in, and speaks volumes about how one person’s reforestation efforts, through sheer determination, could leave an indelible mark on our planet. It also bears strong similarities with the greening movement in Singapore. Our greening journey began about four decades ago when Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew’s vision of a Garden City took shape. Up to today, Minister Mentor continues to plant a tree annually. Local heroes, with their tireless efforts, too played an important part in nurturing Singapore into the Garden City that we are renowned for today.

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Sci-Fi Fantasy Garden Ideas: Plants of the Centauri Homeworld

Centauri_Prime EcosystemCentauri Prime Ecosystem: A temperate world with a oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere similar to Earth. Vast oceans separate a handful of large landmasses. The weather seems comparable to Earth as well, with seasonal changes, including snow over the capital city in winter. (1)

Exotic Gardens:The Royal Palace forms the seat and primary residence of the Emperor of the Centauri Republic and the Centauri Royal Court. Lavish in true Centauri style, with hundreds of rooms, gardens, courtyards, living quarters, and dungeons. (1)

Plants of Centauri Prime:

  • Foolash: An edible plant, roughly similar to Earth spinach, which may survive over winter in temperate regions. Also used in Pinaldi, a savoury pastry dish filled with a variety of cheeses, foolash and irradiated watsuls. It was known to have been a particular favourite of Emperor Turhan. (1) During the War of 20 Million Deaths, wine fortified with Foolash juice was given to Xon soldiers weakened by hemorrhage.
  • Rikling: An edible plant, roughly similar to Earth asparagus.(1) There is a recipe for cooking Rikling in the oldest surviving Centauri book of recipes. It was cultivated historically by both Centauri and Xon, who ate it fresh when in season and dried the vegetable for use in winter.
  • Watsul: A plant that bares a fruit similar to Earth tomatoes. (1)

  • Doola: A plant that produces a nut with a similar taste to Earth walnuts. Used in making snicks.
  • Flibie:A plant that produces a nut with a similar taste to Earth pecan nuts. Used in making snicks (Snicks: a sweet snack made from Centauri tree nuts stirred together with Klaga (similar to Earth cinnamon), Tawloo milk, and a sweet powder to form a crispy sweet coating. Also a great topping for a Foolash salad.

  • Ruti pod: A vegetable-like plant similar to an Earth potato. Centauri grown ruti pods are noted for their distinctive crimson coloring.

(1) The Babylon 5 Wikki
Cafe of the Universe
All else is wild speculation based on knowledge of Earth flora.

Stewart Butterfield
Esteban Cavrico

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Sci-Fi Fantasy Gardens: Plants of the Narn Homeworld

plants of the Narn homeworldNarn Ecosystem: Orbiting a red giant star, Narn was a world similar in many ways to Earth, with an equivalent gravity and atmosphere it was host to large area of lush forest with several major deserts and a large ocean in the equatorial regions.[2]

Ecosystem History: During the First Centauri Occupation of Narn, many native plants and animals were either exterminated, supplanted with Centauri crops and livestock or even taken away to be grown/raised on off-world colonies. As a result, Narn’s ecosystem became a mix of both indigenous and alien lifeforms.[6]


  • Alba: An edible plant that produces an aromatic frond similar to Earth bay leaf.[6]

  • G’Quan Eth: A small plant of great religious significance and is the very symbol of faith for the followers of G’Quan.[19]
  • Gaiola: An edible tuber-like plant who’s root is used as a spice similar to Earth ginger.[6]
  • Gollif An edible fleshy fungus-like organism, with similar culinary properties and an Earth open cup mushroom.[6]

science fantasy garden: cinnamon bark

  • Klaga: A Tree who’s bark is used as a spice with a flavour similar to Earth cinnamon.[6]
  • Polbi: An edible plant that produces seeds similar to those of the Earth mustard plant.[6]
  • Ruti pod: Originally from Centauri Prime, ruti pods are a vegetable-like plant similar to an Earth potato. Centauri grown ruti pods are noted for their distinctive crimson colouring. [6]
  • Strew-tree: A succulent plant that grow in aerated, gravel soil. Distinguishable by their long twisted branches, tipped with glowing purple flowers they are sometimes used as decorative climbing plants on the outer walls of P’lazzos.[24]

Science Fantasy Garden: Turok (Earth Groundnut)

  • Swoz: An edible plant with a taste similar to Earth garlic.[6]
  • Turok: A plant that produces edible seeds similar to Earth groundnut.[6]
  • Wyqlat: An edible plant similar to Earth spinach.[6]

G’Quan EthG’Quan Eth is a plant of great religious significance to the followers of G’Quan and is the symbol of their faith. An image of a G’Quan Eth leaf is embossed onto the cover of the Book of G’Quan.[1][2]

The plant itself is an integral part of the culmination of the Holy Days of G’Quan. In the final ceremony – in which followers of G’Quan are required to participate or be present – the G’Quan Eth is burned as incense as first rays of sunlight pass over the G’Quan Mountain on the Narn Homeworld. The Centauri on the other hand, prefer to use the seeds of the G’Quan Eth with a certain mix of alcohol to create a very potent drink.

Following the ecological devastation wrought by the First Centauri Occupation of Narn and the inherent difficult in growing the plant, it became an endangered species and by 2258, a rare and very expensive commodity.

The Earth Alliance treats the G’Quan Eth plant as a controlled substance.

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