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Sci-Fi Fantasy Gardens: Babylon 5, Flora of the Minbari Homeworld

Minbar Planetary System: Located in the Chi Draconis — a binary star system in Sector 120, Minbar is the seventh planet in it’s system and is just over 25 light years from Earth. Like Earth, Minbar has an oxygen/nitrogen heavy atmosphere that produces a blue … Continue reading

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Sci-Fi Fantasy Gardens: Babylon 5 Gardens (Red Sector)

Babylon 5 > Red Sector > The Gardens: The Gardens in Red Sector feature over 150 different kinds of plant life from several planets. “Babylon 5 is a space station in neutral space more or less central to all five … Continue reading

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Sci-Fi Fantasy Gardens: Plants of the Narn Homeworld

Narn Ecosystem: Orbiting a red giant star, Narn was a world similar in many ways to Earth, with an equivalent gravity and atmosphere it was host to large area of lush forest with several major deserts and a large ocean … Continue reading

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